Delicious Italian artisan gelato,
ready for you in just a few minutes.

We have selected the very best ingredients.

They are all healthy and 100% Italian , starting with the wholesome, monitored milk, which is supplied directly by traceable farms and contains no added hydrogenated fats.

We have put together the ideal recipe.

Showing all of the devotion and expertise of a master gelato maker, we have skilfully gauged  and blended the natural ingredients so that their inherent qualities can be fully appreciated on the palate.

We have thought of your operating needs.

You don’t have to be a chef or a gelato maker to produce outstanding gelato. You can focus on your dishes, your customers and your business: our products already contain all of the attention and passion required. 
Simply pour the contents in the machine and set the timer, then feel free to do something else. In just a few minutes, the gelato will be ready to serve or to put in the fridge for later. 
You’ll be making it yourself, with a helping hand from us.

GELATO 25: The right solution!


Pour in your chosen flavour
and set the timer. There is
no need to add anything else.
After a cycle of approximately 25 minutes, the gelato will be ready to serve.
With two full cycles, you can make 3.5 kg every hour.


Cold chain management is not necessary for the products.

You do not need to store the
blends in the fridge.

They are long-life products
and you only have to use
as much as you need.


a special UHT process ensures that the resulting gelato is stable and evenly mixed.

Gelato machine:
automatic and reliable, for
guaranteed outstanding results.

High quality.

First-rate ingredients.

A monitored production
process, with a short supply

Tested, specially made and
guaranteed stainless steel machines.

Find out how is easy!

Rich, classic and fruity flavours.


At your disposal for any information.

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